Monday, April 14, 2008

How did I hear about BFA?

A question that I have heard numerous times, and rightfully so has been, "Growing up in Wisconsin and New Hampshire, and going to college in Pennsylvania, how did you hear about a high school in Germany?" A very legitimate question in my opinion. BFA does not necessarily seem to connect with the others so smoothly.
My Junior year at Grove City College I was approached by a friend and asked to room with him and be a "pseudo" RA on his freshmen hall. Basically this means I had all of the perks of being an RA without any of the responsibility! Who doesn't want that?!
Our freshmen hall last year was an absolute blast. The guys were phenomenal and a lot of fun. There was quite a variety of personalities which made it very unique but such a blessing.
One of the guys on the hall last year was Joel Shindeldecher. Joel (aka Shindy) is a graduate from BFA, as his parents are currently serving as missionaries in Turkey. Shindy became a good friend of mine, and remains a close friend and throughout the year he continually told me about BFA, his experience, and why I should try and become an RA over there.
After many conversations BFA became more of a possibility in my mind and through prayer and different conversations with different people I felt as though BFA would be a great fit for me upon graduation.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Finally we have some warm weather and sunshine at Grove City! Naturally it will only last for a day or two and then we will get a solid three or four days of rain. Somethings never change.
I figured I would take a little bit of time and explain exactly why I chose to serve at the Black Forest Academy. I wanted to let you know why I felt called and what exactly I want to do while in Germany. I do not view this as an extended vacation, but a mission and an opportunity.

Last fall after the conclusion of the soccer season I was on a run with a teammate of mine who has been a good friend all four years of college. Throughout the run our conversation turned towards plans after school. At that time I had a few thoughts running through my mind such as; seminary, continuing my education and getting my masters, teaching, missionary work, and possibly working in Chicago. I really did not know where I was supposed to go or where I wanted to go. Yet as we discussed the options I said to him, "my only desire, my only goal is to love people. I do not care how I am able to do that, what title I have, I simply want to love people." That is my goal and that is my desire. I thought about going to seminary in order to pursue a career in youth ministry, or perhaps continuing my education in order to place myself within the classroom. Regardless of where I was, I knew my job and my desire was to love people.
After searching through my options and thinking about the positives and negatives of each - I quickly began to be extremely excited about Black Forest Academy. I see it is an opportunity to be in a dorm situation with 20+ high school kids, where my job is to love them and provide for them. I know that it will be a lot of fun - but it will also be very difficult and quite tiring. I am sure my parents grew tired of chasing after me and my imagine having 20 more!
I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve at BFA. I am going over there to serve the students and to love them. That is what I want to do my whole life - and for the next year I will be doing that while in Germany.

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