Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Pictures

Just wanted to draw your attention to the pictures I just added. This is a conglomeration of many different activities here at BFA this fall. Hopefully it gives you insight to life at Sonne, and some of the things going on here. The pictures were taken from; Chillin N Grillin, Fall Party (theme: opposites), Rugby, Sonne Creekings, and other random shots.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bed time story

Hey my name’s Ben Martin and this year I’m a senior at Sonne. One thing that I think is really cool about being a senior is how you are given the responsibility of caring for and looking after the underclassmen. A great example of how this works and how much fun it can be was the other night. Me and Tommy had just finished working out and he left to go put the middle schoolers in bed. They have an earlier bedtime than everyone else so they need to be “coaxed” into actually crawling under the covers and trying to get some sleep. Tommy usually tucks them into bed and stuff but this night I decided to go read my favorite book did I ever tell you how lucky you are by Dr. Seuss to them. So I went down there and found them getting ready for bed with Tommy waiting outside and I went ahead and read most of the book to them and finished by giving them both a hug and tucking them in. It was a really cool fun thing to do and I actually really liked it and I think they did too, but this is just an example of some of the cool fun stuff that we do here. It’s almost like because we’re seniors we are being held to a higher standard than we were before which is a good thing because I can see improvement in everyone one of us just because we are seniors and people especially underclassmen look up to us the way they do.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It is hard to believe but we are just about finished with the third week of school already! Time has a bizarre way of speeding by here at BFA. The days have been filled to the max, and there has been plenty to keep everyone busy.

This past weekend all three guy dorms brought at least two vans of students to a field in a nearby village, for two hours of intense rugby! It was a blast. Despite the fact many of the students did not have a clue as to what the rules are, and the way to play, overall it was a great success. Sonne was down a few guys, so I was able to run around and tackle a few guys here and there. All of the female dorms brought vans to the field as well, and the girls cheered on their favorite guy dorms. We had close to, if not more than 100 students at the field for a few hours. During one of the games I was standing on the sideline looking at all the students sitting/cheering on the little hill. I grabbed one of the dorm dads of a different dorm and repeatedly said, "this is such an amazing place." Being there was such a blessing. The unity of the dorms, the fans that came with painted faces, dorm chants, and a good number of staff were all there enjoying the day. It was one of those moments where the students' joy was evident, and being in the midst of their joy, filled my heart with joy.
One of the most entertaining things about rugby, was the Sunday after at Church. I pulled in with a van full of guys, and we met up with some guys from a different dorm, in the foyer area. The conversation quickly turned to sharing all the 'aches and pains' from the day before. Each person took a turn to enlighten everyone else as to where they were sore, and who it was that delivered the hit. In a twisted way, it was quite entertaining.

Tomorrow night is "Fall Party" for the high school. All the students will pile into the auditorium for games and performances. This year's theme is, 'opposites' so the students are encouraged to dress up according to the theme. I have heard murmurs of what our Sonne Seniors are doing, but they are trying to keep it a secret. I have yet to figure out my costume, so if anyone has any ideas, feel free to let me know.

Starting next Monday the high school has their Spiritual Emphasis Week. An outside speaker, and band will come in for chapel daily throughout the week. I am excited for this week as it will bring a solid focus and purpose as we start the year. You can be praying for the hearts of our students throughout the week. I am sure many will be challenged and pushed outside their comfort zone. While others will completely check out and carry a chip on their shoulder because they are once again, "being preached at all the time."

As you can see, we are moving at full speed here in Germany.
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