Thursday, December 24, 2015

A new perspective

This past week I received a support update from a friend of mine currently serving on the mission field in Thailand. The update included what I thought was a very thought provoking and refreshing perspective of Christmas. I trust you will also find it to be enlightening:

This year has proved to be the year that I most understand what Christmas is really about. If the primary reason for Christmas were about the presents or about being able to be with the people you care about the most, my Christmas would be pathetic. With no family here, and the friends I'd typically choose to spend Christmas with gone, I've been stripped to the core of what Christmas is about. I am reminded that Christmas really isn't about me. It's about God the Father, bringing His Son to this Earth, demonstrating His Love for All of His Creation. And we can celebrate and acknowledge that in many ways. Whether it be with our most loved friends and family or in the company of strangers. Whether it be a season where we have plenty to give, or a season where it seems we hardly have enough for ourselves. There is no circumstance that should hinder us from glorifying and praising God for what He has done. Coming to understand this doesn't mean I won't shed a tear this Christmas season. But it certainly has taken the focus off of myself and my understanding of having a "merry Christmas". 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Not too late!

It's not too late to get a copy of Footprints of the Unnamed sent to you for Christmas - if you want a copy, let me know and I'll send you one! Only $15